Best Himalayan Salt Lamp

So Well began their journey of bringing high-quality Himalayan salt lamps to the market in 2004. They offer a wide variety of unique lamp styles, along with other specialty, hard-to-find, salt therapy products. So Well is Fair Trade certified and is dedicated to their lamps always being crafted by artisans in respectful and safe working environments. Who doesn’t like knowing that one’s money is going toward a quality product and fair wages, as opposed to greedy, inhumane companies taking advantage of sweatshops to churn out cheap products, which is the case for the vast majority of Himalayan salt lamp manufacturers.

So Well is able to keep their focus of quality and fairness by foregoing the “big box” store and low-price mega-markets. Instead, they make it a priority to have their products carried by boutique stores and small business that are well curated and focused on their customer service and offering unique products. So Well has made it a priority to focus on quality, and they have made it a point to have partnerships with retailers that do the same.

Each of their salt lamps are designed in a way to be well balanced and secure on their hardwood bases. Many other salt lamps tend to be precariously constructed, and you often do not know what you will get, especially when ordering online.

As seen in the video above, So Well uses durable dimmer switches, which make a big difference in the life span of your lamp. Again, the majority of other salt light manufacturers often do not have a dimmer switch at all, or are cheaply made. So Well's dimmer switches, on the other hand, are top quality and offer a wide range of  lighting control to give you the flexibility to set the mood how you see fit.

There is a large range of Himalayan salt products that So Well offers beyond lamps, including therapeutic items like Salt Inhalers, Neti Pots, and Sole (salt water therapy) Kits. They also have a range of bath and personal care items that include really unique, helpful items like Deodorant Powder, Deodorant Stones, Massage Stones, Tooth Powders, and First Aid Salves. They even have super niche items like Himalayan Salt Water Hot Tub Chlorinator Kits, Fruit and Veggie Wash, and culinary Salt Slabs. It isn’t surprising that world renowned spas and hotels like the Ritz Carlton and the Grand Geneva often feature So Well products.

So Well’s showstoppers continue to be their Himalayan Salt Lamps. They have several different colors and design styles that I’ll describe below. But I’d like to be sure to mention that each different color featured by So well are the naturally occurring hue of that specific crystal. You may notice that some low-quality online dealers offer “candy” like colors that are completely artificially created salt crystals, instead of mined aged crystal that have resulted from the pressure of the earth over thousands of years. Our advice: Stick to what is natural, and don’t fall for imposters.

Amber Himalayan Salt Lamp

For most people, when they think of a salt light, if they are familiar with them in the first place, they are picturing the classic peachy, amber toned oblong, organic-obelisk shaped salt crystal. These emit a deliciously warm and soothing light that is almost reminiscent of what light would have looked like while we were tucked safely in our mother’s wombs. So Well produces this classic in five different size variations.

Small, Without Wooden Base: These lamps stand at 5 inches tall and sit flush on any table or counter surface. They are lit from within with a 15 watt bulb wired to a dimmer switch. Each lamp weighs roughly 2 to 4 pounds and are priced reasonably at $25.

Medium Salt Light: 8 inches tall, with dimmer cord and zen wooden base, 5-7 lbs. Listed at $37.95

Large Salt Light: 10” tall, dimmer cord and zen wooden base, 9-13 lbs, Priced at $59.95

Extra Large Light: 12” tall, dimmer cord and zen wooden base, 16-20 lbs. Priced at $79.95

Jumbo Himalayan Salt Light: 17” tall, dimmer cord and zen wooden base, 35-45 lbs, Priced at $140

Rare Grey Himalayan Salt Light

Medium & xLarge: These exotic, smokey Salt lamps are made from rare Grey Himalayan Salt Crystals. 7-8” tall & 10”-12” tall, $44 & $84 in price.

White Himalayan Salt Lamps

Medium, Large, & xLarge: Pure white Salt Crystals that offer a beautiful, lit from within glow. The three size range from 7 inches in height to 12 inches in height and their prices range from $44-$84

Raw Himalayan Salt Lamps

Amber, Grey, & White: These raw, unshaped crystals, decorate your space like an enchanted found object. Each is unique and offers its own distinct shape. They sit flush on any surface without a wooden base and range roughly within the sizes of 7”h x 10”w. Ranging in price from $59 - $64

So Well’s Zen Collection, is made up of a variety of geometric shapes as well.

Zen Himalayan Salt Lights

Pyramid Himalayan Salt Light

These come in two different colors, Grey and White. Standing 9 inches tall and offering a striking, elegant silhouette. They also come with a 15 watt bulb and a dimmable light switch. Normally priced at $80

Moroccan Salt Light

This design looks like a pyramid undulating in the desert wind. It comes in Amber or Grey. 7” tall, 7-8 lbs, Listed at $89.00

Rectangle Himalayan Salt Lamp

This impressive zen inspired lamp is 10 inches high,12 inches in length, and 4 inches wide on a dark wood pedestal base. It is lit from within by two 15 watt bulbs controlled by a dimmer switch. 35-40 lbs in weight. $150

Cube Himalayan Salt Light

Approcimately 7” tall on a four footed pedestal wooden base. Available in Amber for $85.00 and White for $95.00

Globe Himalayan Salt Light

Perfectly round, smooth orbs of glowing salt come in Amber, White and Grey. each is approx. 6” in height and priced at $60, $70, & $89.95 respectively.

Himalayan Salt Lamp Bowl

These truly unique lamps are solid salt bowls that are then filled with 1 inch raw salt chunks. Approx. 7” tall and priced at $59.95

USB Mini Himalayan Salt Lamps

Standard & Globe

This ingenious little lamps can run off of a USB connection to a computer, or even a car’s USB port. Each reach to about 3” tall and come in either Amber or White in a standard shape on a wooden base or a smooth globe design. Prices ranging from $22- 24.50

Himalayan Salt Candle Holders

Round: a 3.5 inch globe, with a hollow center for candles, $15
Yin Yang: two interlocking tear drop shapes, one white and one amber, that each hold a candle to form a yin-yang symbol, 6” in diameter, $24
Votive: 4” tall with a textured exterior, $15
Tea Light: 2-3” tall with a textured exterior, $10